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Keeping you where your heart belongs

You may be here because you or one of your loved ones requires support and assistance with everyday tasks, personal care, or maybe need a caregiver to offer them company. Whatever your reason may be to seek home care services, let us assure you that we are here to help.

Golden Years Home Care Services of Massachusetts is a privately-duty elder care agency providing superior-quality, compassionate home care services to those who need assistance performing their day to day tasks due to a disability, injury, or aging. We provide a comprehensive range of senior home care services, including personal care and companion care, so that your loved one can lead a happy and rewarding life at their home in the company of their friends and family members.

What Sets Us Apart?

What Sets Us Apart?

At Golden Years Home Care Services, we understand that every individual has individual care needs. Therefore, we offer you a personalized solution that has been designed keeping your precise needs and expectations under consideration. In addition to our personalized services, our systematic approach towards the entire process has helped us ensure 100 percent satisfaction of our clients.

If you're considering opting for our home care services, here's what you should expect on your visit to our office.

We begin by discussing your expectations and needs and help you find clear and concise answers to your questions about our home care agencies. Next, our experts review the care needs of your loved one. When required, we may consult with the physician(s) of the care recipient, social worker, hospital, or their nursing staff to get a complete and accurate picture of their home care needs.

We then select an experienced, skillful, and compassionate home elder care provider based on your expectations and the care needs of your loved one.

Upon completion of this quick but comprehensive process, you leave our office completely satisfied knowing that the care needs of your loved one will be taken care of with professionalism and compassion.

About Our Founder

Cesar Ruiz, Jr. was fortunate to have been raised by two incredible parents. He will tell you, "My character is a direct result of my Mom and Dad. They raised me to put the concern of others first; sharing the rewards are always so much greater. They were spot on."

The Ruiz family suffered a great loss in 2016 when the patriarch, Cesar Ruiz, Sr., passed away. This was the catalyst for Golden Years. Lifelong friends Lisa and Vincent Santaniello also shared Cesar's dream, they believed it so much they became partners in Golden Years. Cesar uses his mom as the barometer for all hiring of caregivers. "My mom is the gold-standard. Every person on our team needs to have the heart for caring that my mom has always demonstrated."

As a father and grandfather, Cesar's ultimate goal is to make sure that someone you love never feels alone when you are unable to be by their side. At Golden Years we provide traditional homecare services, with the special something Mom calls the 'magic' to each client.

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